Here you’ll find a list of the texts I’ve written, newest first, and older as you scroll down. πŸ™‚


Are you a Feminist?

On the international day for women I wrote about what kind of feminism I support.

Home is _______?

I wrote a little bit about what home is to me, as homesickness had filled my mind quite a lot after I moved to Oslo.


Β One week ago today

Me trying to explain the bond between me and my dog, and what it felt like losing her.


Dear future significant other of my best friend

I wrote a letter to the future lover of my best friends. Click to read.

If you could re-live any half-hour of your past, which one would it be?

I answer this question, and tell you about how exciting life can be. Click to read more.

Β What is photograpy to me?

I told you guys about what photography means to me, and what my goal of picture-sharing is. Click to read.Β 


A little for a lot

I wrote this text after I came home from the Asia Adventure trip in 2013. It’s about perspective, hapiness and hope. I reflect upon the poverty I saw and how spoiled the Western world is. Click to read.Β 


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