Are You a Feminist?

I’ve gotten this question a number of times. Most times it is with a slightly judgemental or even fearful undertone. My answer is YES. I am proud to be a feminist. You see my definition of a feminist is quite distant from the kind of feminism a lot of people are talking about. The kind of feminism that is often called feminazi.

Now my feminism is not about hating men (’cause I trust me I love men), it’s not about having an excuse to be rude or “insulted” by everything. You see the kind of feminism that I support is about equal pay for equal work. It’s about rapists having responsibility, not the victims (that is not connected to gender at all). My kind of feminism is about how terrible it feels not to be taken seriously, just because you’re a girl. It’s about parents telling their sons “don’t be such a girl” when they’re afraid or in pain.

The kind of feminism I support thinks it’s okay to make your husband or boyfriend a sandwich, not because you’re a girl and he’s a guy, but because you want to do something nice for another person, no matter the gender. My kind of feminism wants women to be happy, not feeling oppressed at all, whether they prefer to stay at home, work in a makeup salon, be an electrician or a highly recognized political leader.  The kind of feminism I support, it just wants the world to be more fair.


Congratulations to all girls and women out there, I hope that you are able to celebrate this day happily, and not be oppressed for at least this one day of the year.


-Camilla =)


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