Home is _________?

As homesickness has filled my mind a lot lately, I decided to write a post about what home means to me.

Home to me is seeing familiar faces in the streets. It’s knowing where I am in town, and where I am going without having to follow the map all the time. Home is casually dropping by my bestie, and having the ability to do that. It’s going on random roadtrips at 3am with her.

Home to me is seeing my loved ones on a daily basis. It’s being close to the ocean and wild nature. It’s waking up, going into the living room and eat breakfast with my dad, mom or brother. Home is where I feel safe, and loved. Where I can be myself and be loved unconditionally. Also, home is where the pants aren’t.


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret leaving my hometown, and Oslo is treating me well. Or at least trying to. I am still settling in and building relations here. I guess it’ll just take more time than expected. 🙂

What’s home to you?

-Camilla =)


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