What is Photography to Me

Photography to me is art.

It’s about capturing that perfect moment, let it live forever.

It’s about freezing time, and remembering the good and the bad.

It’s about documenting and showing the rest of the world the truth.

It’s about telling stories, without words.

To me photography is sacred, it’s how I get away from all the stress and sadness. Yet it is also how I show happiness and creativity.

Photography is my therapy, my happiness, my past and my future.

Photography is about expressing onseselfs creaitvity, and about telling a story. That is the ultimate goal, I want to tell stories through my pictures. I want people to say that because of that photo, that I took, they started thinking differently. That it changed their perspectiv on something, anything really.

After hearing a person say that “it’s just a picture” I was inspired to write down what my thoughts about photography are. So there you have it, this is photography to me.

-Camilla =)


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